Love is in the Air – Happy Valentines Day

Love is in the Air - Happy Valentines Day

“Knock, Knock.”

Cupid is knocking at the door again. It’s the season of love. Valentine’s Day 2017 is just a mile away as the world gets ready to don the colour of red and pink. Soon, the rooms of young and old lovebirds would be full with chocolates and roses, greetings and teddies, and novels of Durjoy Datta, Ravinder Singh and Nicholas Sparks. But gifting your loved ones on the wrong occasion might end up in a goofy act. To not falter, we should know first about the Valentine’s Day List.

So, what’s this Valentine’s Week List 2017? Intriguing.

A special day especially, for the special one

    • Rose Day: Start your Valentine’s Week 2017, on the 7th of February, with a Rose – Red, if you LOVE your other half like a LOVER. Yellow for FRIENDSHIP, while a Lavender Rose might be the best if you fell in LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT. Gift your better half with a rose, abound with energy and enthusiasm.

    • Propose Day: The next day is the time to propose your loved ones. Pamper them with delicious chocolates and gifts while specifically approaching your affection towards them. It’s time to get a bit sentimental and shower your other half with loads of affection.
    • Chocolate Day: On the 9th of February falls Chocolate Day. Line up to a chocolatier’s store and buy him/her their’s favourite choco bar or pastries. Because chocolates are the only things on this planet that can sweeten you even when you are at your most awful state.
    • Teddy Day: 10th February is a day especially for all the boyfriends and husbands. Because it is no secret that a woman, however old she might be, is always enamored by a teddy bear. So order a big one for the lady of your lives and shock them with your teddies.
  • Promise Day: Love works hand in hand with trust. So promise to your love that you’ll show loyalty and happiness ’til the day you are together. It is the first secret to build trust between each other. Don’t forget to tell that to your lovers on the 11th.
  • Hug Day: 12th Februrary when you should ensconce your lover around your arms and enjoy to the fullest.
  • Kiss Day: 13th is not the unlucky day in the month of February. Go and share a passionate kiss with your lover on this day as an approval of your affection.
  • Valentine’s Day: And this is the BIG DAY. February, the 14th. This day is special for all the couples out there – husbands and wives, boyfriends and girlfriends, and people of all age group – it simply don’t matters. Go for a meal, a movie, or take a long walk together and give a big surprise to your Valentine this year.

What’s better than an SMS?

Have you thought about your Valentine’s Day SMS already? Or yet planning?

Over the years, trendy SMSes have taken down the traditional Valentine’s Day messages. Mobile phones comes in handy when you need to go by the popular trend and wish your lover exactly at midnight.

Some of the popular messages are –

  • Do you know which the most beautiful place in this entire world is? It’s the warmth of your arms that helps me find solace.


  • To my white knight on Valentine’s Day, I never knew that someone like you even existed but thank you for taking my heart and filling it full of love.


Nothing can replace a good greet

In the United States alone, 190 Valentine’s Day Greetings is the apt number of cards which lovers share amongst each other. Since it is an occasion for couples who are in love with each other, it is very symbolic to the heart. Greeting cards, soft toys and teddy bears are the common gifts.

And along with that, make your Valentine’s Day worthwhile by adding a very beautiful Valentine’s Day Wish.

  • I love you not only for what you are, but for what I am when I am with you.

Fill your memories with happy images of love

On this very occasion, we see that malls, local fairs and restaurants create makeshift photo booths for couples to click images. And with the modern trend of taking selfies, the excitement of clicking Valentine’s Day Images is on the roll.

Valentine’s Day, or World’s Lovers’ Day as it is also known is about spreading the joy of love and passion. Wish your better half, parents, friends, and soulmates or maybe even a stranger, this message of love. SPREAD THE ENERGY OF LOVE IN THIS WORLD. Wishing you a very, very happy Valentine’s Day 2017 in advance.

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