Hug Day – one of the most important day in our life

Hug Day - one of the most important day in our life

People from any part of the world celebrated this Hug day in the seventh day of the Valentine’s week.  The   date is famous and each year of13th of February is celebrated by the people mainly by the youths as well as an interested people of any age group. In the western countries people celebrated this day for long.

The Hug Day of 2017

The Hug Day of the year 2017 would be celebrated   from corner to corner of the world by the people on 13th of February, at Monday. On this day you can send beautiful Wishes, beautiful quotation marks as well as the fine sayings in regards to this day. So you can send beautiful and tight hug for your near and dear ones through your good wishes.

In which way hug day is celebrated                 

You can hug your associate or the colleagues, buddy, loved ones as well as convey your love very firmly to affirm your affection. You can Hug in any position like standing or sitting and thus transform your feelings as it can be able to alleviate   any kind of the  problems as well as refresh your mind. If any individual hugs more than one person, then it makes him feel like he has been hugged by his loved ones. It makes the person feels very relax as well as satisfied after getting hugged by any of his or her known person. Also couples try to share their thoughts as well as sentiment of each other during their tight hugging. One can able to feel the breathe   of another throughout the hug as it creates the relationship   more energetic.

Kiss Day- one of the memorable day
Kiss day is the sixth number of day of the Valentine’s week which is celebrated each year on 12thof February by the youths as well as couples of every age group. Previously it was being celebrated in the western regions though, it has become reorganized as well as being celebrated in roughly all the regions of the country.

Kiss Day 2017

Kiss Day is famous all through the world as the people celebrate the day on every year 12th day of the February.

  Celebration of kiss day

Kiss Day is one of the most amazing days of the Valentine week which is renowned all year by the couples, youths as well as the lovers. At this day of the week, all the lovers of any part of the world as well as the couples kiss each other passionately in order to articulate their strong love along with affection. This kind of occasion expresses the stimulant along with the ground-breaking attachment to the relationship. Also a quote of the Kiss Day always  offers a pleasurable experience as well as lot of happiness to both of the people as well as they  grows deeper along with  their bond of the  love.

A passionate kiss in a real sense symbolizes the feelings of an admire, dedication, affection as well as esteem for one another. Earlier in the western community or the western culture people   celebrated the event. Kiss day 2017 is considered that the person never forgets his or her first kiss event as it is one of the first and foremost unique experience of their life.

Happy Promise Day 2017- A charming gesture!

Promises must be perfect as well as far from adulteration; promises day must be clear and crystal hearted as well as the solemn. Promises proffer the courage to you as well as to your loved ones so that you can win the battle against any kind of the odds and you can stand out in the eyes of your loved ones.


Happy Promise Day 2017 is a splendid occasion as well as it proffers a one kind of opportunity to offer a gift to your near ones through happy promise day wallpaper, free download shayari or the quotes, so that they can able to feel your association as well as you are able to take the warmness of the bond you share to the latest apex. You can turn your unsaid promises into realism, as well as it can express your true feelings of the love along with care to dearest ones of your life. This is dedicated to promises so that one can feel the flavors or the colors into it to let your partner understand that you’re there for your partner or any dear ones as a support system of them in all walks of the life.


On this Promise Day of 2017 brings a special significance. To make this type of the particular occasion superfluous you can look for fashionable Promise Day Gifts that can enchant your partner in great shock. Like your unhindered love, you just prefer an unusual gift as the sign of your love as well as affection towards them.


Teddy Day 2017- A delightful gesture


It’s a great Time for you to propel a teddy that ‘bears’ your love to your near and dear ones like your  wife / partner, friends as well as loved ones. All of the women like teddy bears extremely, and they always try to keep them in their bedroom with excellent memories. So, don’t overlook to irritate your partner with a soft toy. So it is always good to send your loved ones   with some sweetness, as well as cuteness to them. A cute as well as gorgeous teddy bears really shows the childishness   which is hidden in everybody. Now you can gift a teddy bear to your girl friend or sister or other dearest one and see them smiling like a child. Teddy Bear Day is the wonderful occasion to enjoy you with your most faithful childhood companions.

The teddy bear dates started for celebration back to the beginning of the 1900s and its history is intimately connected to an American president.

Today is the wonderful date to rejoice your childhood friend with the teddy! In the year 1902, President of American Theodore Roosevelt ignored to shoot a bear cub while he was going for hunting in Mississippi. This event makes great national news. We have all had a unique cuddly teddy as a child.  A few of us still have our qute teddy bear from our childhood.

How to celebrate the day

Remember your childhood days again and meet with your friends and gift then teddies and all   and use NationalTeddyBearDay to post on the wall of the social media.

February 8- Propose Day
The second day of the Valentine Week is distinguished as the Propose Day. This is one of an ideal day for the people who would like to propose to their loved ones as well as pamper them with gifts along with flowers. When you are going to make a propose of love, you make certain that you are able to keep it forever. This is what the fifth day of the Valentine week celebrations, says while we celebrate the propose Day.

A fine and sweet word to remember, a hope to keep as well as a sweet heart to love, forever and everlastingly. To decorate your propose with the malleable as well as warm adornments, lots of online gift store brings   a fascinating assortment of the propose day gifts like “Perfect Love Combo”   that will steal your heart exactly.

Where will you locate the most appealing online propose day gift ideas for the celebrations of the forthcoming valentine day week?

– You will discover the most ground-breaking gifts for the Propose day only at the online sites.
– You can obtain your Propose day gifts delivered especially the similar day or at the midnight also.
Propose day gift ideas converse   as well as commit to make each festivity a particular occasion for you.  You can  make the  good use of the beautiful discount offers, special delivery features like the  same day delivery as well as the  midnight delivery along with safe payment measures, all obtainable at  the online  website.


February 9- Chocolate Day
chocolates  is the best thing and you can  dedicate anything for    chocolates! When gifted to somebody chocolates enhances the attraction of any relationship as well as it creates a  great mood of the  people. The most excellent way to spoil a dear one is gift   lots of chocolate. Chocolate Day is distinguished on February 9 of all year and it falls in  the third day of the Valentine Week. When it comes to celebrate your romantic season of the Valentine week, roses along with chocolates are the key component to a romantic week. Just like the  red roses chocolate is also a widespread sign of love along with affection. Also you might barely find who can’t defy good old chocolates.

So this Valentine’s Day you can get lost in the pensive taste of chocolates with your  special  one of your life. Gifting the yummy chocolates will further make sweeter your tie. Also apart from gifting the chocolates to your  loved ones , you can go ahead as well as surprise him or her with an  exclusive   Valentine gift.   You can really indulge in Chocolate Day to express your true feeling in a striking way. For all the women’s out there who are keen to go out on a date with your special someone, indulging in a lovable chocolate facial will provide you an extraordinary glow as it is filled with antioxidants that will revitalize your skin, also give you a lively look. So you can try it as well as make your skin soft flexible as well as pampered this Chocolate Day!

February 7- Rose Day
Flowers are the popular symbol for expressing your feeling of ‘love’, or ‘like’ for another person. Like other type of the flowers, Roses carries different meanings as well as sentiments. Red roses give the unique appearance of the pure love. White roses articulate one of the sturdy virtues in the creation of a new relationship. Yellow color offers the friendship; you can gift a yellow rose to a friend or to brighten up   their day.

Pink as well as peach is a color that represent the diffidence, smoothness as well as they express the respect, so you can gift a pink or a peach rose to a person to whom you would like to propel a subtle message of an appreciation or an admiration.

The initial day of the Valentine week is the Rose day which is distinguished on the 7th day of the February of every year. It is not just a day which is destined for love birds only; you can also   offer roses to your friends, or the best friends or a close-knit family member. Diverse colors of the roses are linked with diverse meanings as well as emotions, so you need to choose the finest pick for yourself.

If you are dedicated to a girl/boy in love along with you would like to communicate your strong emotions for him/her, you require to present red roses   .  If you believe that your special one is so cute as well as adorable, then you can send him send him/her pink roses on this day.

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