How to Have a Great Long Distance Valentine’s Day

How to Have a Great Long Distance Valentine's Day

Given the career constraints most people must grapple with these days, it isn’t surprising that many couples in a serious relationship get to spend Valentine’s Day away from each other. Sometimes separated by just a few cities, or at times by continents. Still, this is one day that no couple wishes to ignore, geographical distance notwithstanding.
It is difficult enough to send Valentine gifts to Pakistan whom you will be meeting face to face on the big day. The challenge becomes double when you need to make an impression spanning huge geographical and time spaces. But, hey, love is said to triumph over all odds – so, what’s a few thousand miles, right?

Are you in a long-distance relationship? Do these things and she’ll never know that you are not actually by her side on Valentine’s Day:

Refrain from sending perishables. In other words, that lovely (and expensive) box of chocolates would probably last just a few days, and that exquisite bouquet of three dozen red roses will sooner or later wilt. Leaving her with what? Memories like seem like leaves flying through an autumn breeze.

Make the most of the online shopping options. Several excellent online stores specialize in women’s gifts and cater to specific occasions like Valentine’s Day. Buy her some long-staying items like trendy jewelry, stylish fashion accessories that you know for sure will please here (scarves, wraps and stoles), leather handbags or cute love tokens. These stores also get your present gift-wrapped and home delivered to your sweetheart.

Have a surprise package waiting for her? Redefine romance! Make up for your absence by giving her Valentine’s Day treat she is not going to forget in a hurry. Have a florist deliver a bouquet of long-stemmed roses to her first thing in the morning along with a giant card in her mailbox. After that, have one red rose delivered to her on the hour right up till evening. Dinner will be an even bigger surprise. Arrange for a fabulous meal (made of all her favorite dishes) to be delivered to her along with a DVD of that romantic movie both of you love to watch. Sigh!

Give her an even bigger surprise by landing on her doorstep. So, she’s resigned herself to spending a rather boring and lonely Valentine’s Day. You are not just continents away from her, you both are also living in different time zones which make matters even more complicated. So, imagine her delight if you do manage to achieve the impossible – be there with her on Valentine’s Day.

Arrange beforehand with the radio jockey of her favorite channel to have a special announcement ready for her on Valentine’s Day have the RJ read out your special message for her and dedicate your favorite romantic song tos her. Every girl loves the world to know just how much her man loves her.

You can easily search for valentine gifts Pakistan and let not distance or time come in the way of you and you special one. For having the most memorable Valentine’s Day ever by sending the most precious wishes to your loved one.

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